Can X-Cream help with premature ejaculation?



Absolutely. If you use this product with the X-Gripper, you can kill two birds with one stone. Most men, (that are healthy) that suffer from premature ejaculation simply have weak muscles which are needed to delay ejaculation. This is usually a result of having a very small amount of intercourse throughout their lives. This includes married men. The X-Gripper and the X-Cream combination provides you with all the sensations of having real sex, minus the tension and pressure of having to please anyone. The longer you use the X-Gripper, the more accustomed you will become to these sensations and the more you will train your penis to handle these sensations. By combining the X-Gripper with the X-Cream penis enlargment cream, you be able to become accustomed to these sensations and increase the size of your penis at the same time. Complete details on how to develop these weak muscles is included with the X-cream instructions.


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